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Insurgency was first developed as a mod for Counter-Strike Source but due to its popularity it became an standalone game. We are happy to be able to provide you the best hacks for Insurgency that you will find on the internet for free. This program was created to give you the chance to dominate every match and every enemy you play against. Some of the features include a powerful aimbot,  a very reliable wall hack that will give you a crucial strategical advantage over other players and many more options for you to explore. This tool is very easy to master and doesn’t need you to install any  type of complementary software. Also you don’t have to worry about your account security, this Insurgency Hack is totally undetectable and undetected by the majority of anti-cheating systems.

Insurgency Hacks



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  • Aimbot
  • Wall Hack
  • Speed Hack
  • No Spread



Insurgency Aimbot

Insurgency aimbot




Recognize it. You’re tired of shooting without sense, correcalles by tiny maps and benefits, perks and level rises. You want something old school but that also have the realism of the 21st century? Insurgency is your game. Agree that is far from perfect, has some problems and graphically is not a pointer. But it is aimed at a very specific audience that will surely appeal.

Fans who yearn to look for something different from the more conventional shooters and arcade are every day more reasons for happiness in platforms such as PC. The computer is a place where indie studios roam freely creating proposals as the Insurgency, a military title of first person shooter that focuses on realism and the tactical component of a form so raw and truthful than many others would find little more than crazy.

The work which we are concerned was born as a mod and may seem archaic in some purely aesthetic or technological aspects, actually is, but has a strength playable more remarkable that may not make it in a quite recommendable production, but that definitely will know to find accommodation among some veterans of the shooters hardcore profiles. The reasons? The title of New World Interactive does not prisoners and do not have the slightest pity with fans, it is difficult and cruel. As the war itself.

The first minutes with Insurgency are rough, and it can even that they discouraged some fans at the beginning of your journey. To say that the title is little accessible in its initial instances probably would be understatement, and is making every possible effort to make us learn their strict standards fast-track and without any fuss. We will die so many times without knowing how or why, that quickly we realize that our preservation in its cruel universe depends on that I abide to their rules at foot juntillas: move head, you do not detach from the Group and support you in your teammates.

Actually one of the largest and, in fact, best features of release which concerns us is its utter lack of piety with the player. Experiences of action loaded with realism lovers are in luck, and like in life itself one or just two bullets end with us. Anything else? Forget the typical mini-map on the supports and user interface for finding your goals or know how far they are or, in addition, have the slightest idea of where are the shots of your enemies. Here you are alone. In recent times we are seeing greater supports screen each time lower in pursuit of a greater sense of immersion, and the minimalist HUD of the title which we are discussing is fantastic to immerse us in the action. What are you waiting for to get your hands on the new Insurgency Hacks ?